Relax, Recharge, Renew


Gentle Release Therapy

An extremely gentle fusion of energy healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and needleless acupuncture that allows the body to release deeply seated emotional and physical tension and stress that you probably were not aware was even there.


The feet and hands are like mini maps of the body with the right side being reflected on the right foot and the left side of the body reflected on the left foot. Reflexology uses a series of techniques to apply pressure to the different reflexes of the feet to bring about a state of deep relaxation.


Ki or Life Force Energy runs throughout our bodies through energetic channels or pathways called Meridians. These channels or pathways can easily become blocked through stress, emotions, trauma or illness, causing the body to function less efficiently.

Bach Flower Remedies

The purpose of the Bach Flower Remedies is to gently rebalance your emotions, to help you cope more easily with the strains and stresses of everyday life. There are a total of 38 different flower essences which each treat a specific emotional state.


F.T. Cardiff

Sophia has turned my life around through reflexology and Bach flower remedies. A genuinely caring and highly professional therapist she is incredible at her work. 'Taylermade' is completely true, each client's treatment is bespoke to their needs. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

S.d.S.G. London

Sophia is an incredibly caring, capable, professional therapist. She possesses amazing empathy and listening abilities which she is able to use in a truly transformative way to help people be the best that they can be. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

H.I. Welwyn Garden City

Sophia was absolutely fantastic at really understanding what needed releasing and how to do it in a gentle manner. I fell super relaxed, calm and at ease with her. It’s so amazing how she manages to achieve what she does in a virtual environment. In doing these sessions with her, its helped me understand more about my healing process and how to best support that. Sophia explains everything in detail and in a way that you understand what the process is, how it’s going to work and what it entails. I’ve left all three sessions feeling calmer, more grounded and more in touch with myself as a whole.

A.R.D Berkshire

Beautiful, relaxing and powerful treatment. I could feel Sophia’s connection and energy to me throughout every session. On my second session I had a severe back pain which had lasted 2 days before. The back pain vanished immediately after the session and did not return! I had many lovely feelings and sensations during all 3 sessions and felt a tangible difference after. Highly recommend and would do it again for sure. Thank you very much!

H.N. London

I have noticed quite significant changes in my emotions since my first consultation; I have felt energised and more able to take on challenges that I have been avoiding or putting off, in some cases, for a very long time. The sense of achievement and relief that I have experienced from confronting these challenges has been both positive and powerful. I find the time spent with Sophia to be very valuable; a chance to step out of the everyday and reflect on feelings, past actions, etc. and be guided by her insightful but non-judgmental observations.

K.M. London

I have lived with a number of medical problems for many years, but I had never considered complementary therapies as an option to relieve my conditions. Following a recommendation to try facial reflexology, I began a course of treatments with Sophia and I have had a feeling of well-being that I have never experienced before. My son has special needs and I often felt depressed and unable to cope. Sophia’s treatments have benefitted me enormously. I always leave the sessions feeling refreshed, re-energised and calm and I feel that I am able to pass this positivity on to my son. My symptoms have eased, I am using less medication and my doctor has noticed a big difference, both in my physical health and my mental wellbeing. Sophia has made a real difference to my life.

K.S. Wincanton

My sessions with Sophia couldn't have come at a better time for me. I had just found out that my second try at IVF hadn't worked so my head space and my body were going through the mill. I was stressed, a little anxious, and my digestive system was a little off at the beginning and my hormones were all over the place. The gentle touch sessions have above all helped me relax. Sophia has helped me realise it's ok to spend time on focusing on me to help get me back to 'normal' and she has taught me techniques to help me refocus my mind when I'm in deep thought. The sessions have helped me to start rebalancing by body and my head space.

J.S. Castle Cary

Having experienced traditional reflexology I was very interested to ‘feel’ the difference with Gentle Touch and I was not disappointed. From the moment you started the treatment it felt wonderful, I experienced tingling sensations in my head down to my arms and hands. I saw colours, mainly purples and greens and I was incredibly relaxed. After the first treatment which took place in the afternoon I was very tired and slept during the evening. The week leading up to the second treatment had been quite stressful, so it was great to relax and completely forget about everything during the second treatment. Again I felt tingles and saw many different colours. I was not so tired after this treatment and I felt that it allowed me to cope much better with my stress levels for several days afterwards. A couple of days before the last treatment I felt quite anxious which had allowed my immune system get low, as on the day of the last treatment, I felt like I was coming down with a cold, my throat was uncomfortable and my glands were swollen, however I really feel that the last treatment gave me a boost as I was able to fight off the bug.

G.C. Wincanton

When I approached Sophia recently I was in a rather bad way - depressed, anxious, tense and sleeping very badly. After the first two sessions I didn’t notice much improvement and later, on those two days, I developed completely new, really quite intense, pains for a few hours - the first time in my hips, and the second on the tips of my shoulders. During the third session, however, I felt much more relaxed, and from then on I noticed a definite general improvement each time. By the end of six sessions I was feeling altogether better - much less depressed and tense. I still wake in the night and often find it hard to go back to sleep, but I am not nearly so obsessed by panicky and gloomy thoughts, and I feel much more able to cope with life generally. I have more energy and I seem to be able to achieve more in the day. The sessions were soothing and comforting and took place in in a lovely peaceful room. Sophia herself is kind, gentle and wise. Thank you, Sophia.