My Story

My name is Sophia Tayler and I am a complementary therapist specialising in Gentle Touch Reflexology ™, Facial Reflexology  Sorensensistem ™, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki, Reflexology, Baby & Children Reflexology and Gentle Release Therapy.

It is a real joy to be able to admit that I love what I do. During my 15 years as a therapist, I have been privileged to work with some truly remarkable people whose determination and courage have been quite humbling to witness. I have learnt so much in that time; partly from the clients I meet, partly from the many courses I have attended and partly from just working continually with different therapies. This has enabled me to bring many different elements into the treatments I now specialize in.

I firmly believe that we can all make the lifestyle changes we need to return to our optimum health as I have done so myself at one of the most stressful times in my life, when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in 2001. However, what often makes the process of change so much easier is the support of a caring, non-judgmental therapist who can give you help and encouragement along the way.

Please remember, that whether you take giant leaps or small steps on your healing path, the end result will be the same, it is simply the time frame that will be different.

I am committed to providing my clients with the most up-to-date developments within my specialist fields by regularly attending workshops and postgraduate courses. I am fully insured and am a registered member of The Association of Reflexologists (AOR), Complementary Therapists Association (CThA), Global Facial Reflexology Network, Babies and Children Reflexology International Association (BCRIA) and The Reiki Association (TRA).

In addition to my private practice I have also been a volunteer therapist at the Cardinal Hume Centre and more recently at The Passage, homeless shelter in London, SW1.