Gentle Touch Reflexology
for Babies & Children

As a mother of 3 and a qualified reflexologist since 2003, I have used reflexology to support them throughout their childhood, into those challenging teenage years and now into adulthood. I attended a 7 day postgraduate course with Karen Mittiga in reflexology for children in 2005 and worked in her children’s clinic at the Kailash Centre for over a year.

In 2017 I went on to complete a 4 day training course in Gentle Touch Reflexology for babies and children with the wonderful Sue Ricks. The first reason being that I so enjoyed the 4 day general course that I wanted to learn more and secondly due to its delightfully soothing and enjoyable nature, I knew it would be suitable for children of all ages, from newborn babies all the way to teenagers.

What are the Benefits of Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies and Children?

Gentle Touch Reflexology for babies and children can assist at the different stages of their physical and emotional development. Some of the benefits noted are:

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Treatment Timings

Treatments on younger clients will always be completed with the parent or guardian present, and will be adapted to ensure the child is comfortable and relaxed at all times. Babies and Children are wonderfully unpredictable so all treatments will be as flexible as they need to be and are led by cues from the baby/child. Treatments can be completed on the feet or hands or a bit of both. The baby/child can sit on your lap, in a chair, on the floor; wherever they are most comfortable (and it could keep changing, and that is fine!). Older children may prefer to lie or sit on my treatment couch.

The actual treatment time will vary depending on the age of the child and the needs of the child. For some this may mean 10 minutes and for others up to 40 minutes. I always allow 1 hour of my time for a baby and children reflexology treatment as this allows an opportunity for questions and the child to settle in a calm and relaxed environment. A medical history will be taken and an aftercare/treatment plan will be provided if needed.

Gentle Touch™ Reflexology is the trademark of Sue Ricks